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Новый релиз DevExpress VCL Subscription 17.1.3

DevExpress VCL Subscription 17.1.3Полный набор DevExpress VCL Subscription компонентов и библиотек, созданный компаний DevExpress. Все библиотеки, включенные в состав этого пакета - это 100% использование языка Delphi & C++ Builder. Developer Express VCL Subscription дает право пользования всеми существующими VCL-продуктами DevExpress, а также в течение года предоставляет новейшие релизы, приоритетную техническую поддержку и полный исходный код. Кроме того, пользователи Express VCL Subscription получают доступ к продуктовой линейке DevExpress ASP.NET.


ExpressBars Suite

  • The "Index out of bounds (0)" exception occurs when scrolling a gallery within the ribbon to show the last item, provided that the gallery's visible area is not enough to fit the integer number of displayed items.
  • The Ribbon caption's background color is not updated on invoking a modal form after calling the Backstage View's ClosePopup procedure when a built-in color scheme is used with the rs2013 or rs2016 style.
  • The Ribbon form's shadow drawn when the rs2013, rs2016, or rs2016Tablet Ribbon style is active is clipped incorrectly if the "Show shadows under windows" OS option is disabled.
  • The TdxForm/TdxRibbonForm-derived form whose WindowState property is set to wsMaximized at design time is restored to the minimal dimensions instead of the width and height values assigned at design time.

ExpressEditors Library

  • dxBarCode - Add the capability to customize sizes of barcode quiet zones.
  • TcxCustomInnerListBox descendants - Changing font attributes causes the "Control '' has no parent window" exception in certain cases.
  • TcxSplitter - The Width and Height properties of the vertical and horizontal splitters are reset to the default values on calling the form constructor and changing the splitter's Look & Feel settings.
  • TcxTreeView - Calling the TcxTreeView.Items.Clear procedure in the form's OnCreate event handler does not clear the Tree View's nodes.

ExpressLayout Control

  • Add the capability to customize the manner in which layout groups wrap their elements.
  • Design time issue when using "TdxLayoutControl" with nested panels (TcxGroupBox).
  • Table and Banded Table Views - An AV occurs on creating a form that contains a frame whose constructor calls the RestoreFrom method of an embedded grid control's View.


  • An "Unsupported Image Format" exception occurs on loading an SVG image that contains an element whose dimensions are specified as percentage.
  • Implement an interface to make controls aware of the standard TImageList DPI rate.
  • Scalable properties of the TcxScalableComponent class descendant components within a frame are scaled incorrectly.
  • SVG Images - "Path" elements defining more than one individual shape are rendered incorrectly.
  • SVG Images - Element attributes in an exponential notation are parsed incorrectly.
  • SVG images - Inline CSS style properties are not applied to corresponding XML nodes.
  • The TcxCustomLookAndFeelPainter.DrawEditorButtonGlyph procedure draws the background of a button instead of its glyph.


  • TdxNavBarOfficeNavigationBar doesn't update the Items.SelectedItem property value after removing the selected item if nil is assigned to the ItemProvider property.


  • "The document format is not recognized as valid PDF" exception occurs on loading a PDF document that does not contain the cross-reference table offset.
  • An application hangs on loading a document containing fractual numbers in an exponential notation as PDF object parameters and/or attributes.
  • PDF Viewer display problem.

ExpressPivotGrid Suite

  • Clicking the filter button of a field header located in the Customization Form doesn't display a filter drop-down window if the pivot grid's OptionsView.ShowHeaderFilterButtons property is set to pgsfbWhenSelected.

ExpressPrinting System

  • Loading an ISAPI web service DLL results in IIS server hangup if the DLL is built using the dxPSUtl.pas unit.
  • TdxPrinterPage - The DMPaper property value is not validated when loading the PageSize property value from a DFM file.

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite

  • An AV occurs on closing a built-in drop-down window after applying changes from it to the View.
  • Customize chart button not working.
  • The Find box doesn't immediately reflect the changes made to the View's FindPanel.InfoText property value.

ExpressRichEdit Control

  • The skinned Rich Edit control is drawn incorrectly when its LayoutUnit property is set to TdxDocumentLayoutUnit.Twip.
  • The TdxStringHelper.Split class function removes characters if two or more delimiters are passed as its parameter.

ExpressScheduler Suite

  • Pasting an event from the clipboard corrupts its ResourceID property value if it's an array of variants containing one or more string elements.

ExpressTile Control

  • Dimensions of controls whose parent is a frame are incremented on toggling visibility of the frame and/or recreating its handle if the system DPI differs from 96.

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